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A configuration fragment for Apple platforms.



string apple.bitcode_mode

Deprecated: Returns the Bitcode mode to use for compilation steps. Always returns 'none'.


apple_platform apple.multi_arch_platform(platform_type)

The platform of the current configuration for the given platform type. This should only be invoked in a context where multiple architectures may be supported; consider single_arch_platform for other cases.


Parameter Description
platform_type required
The apple platform type.


string apple.single_arch_cpu

The single "effective" architecture for this configuration (e.g., i386 or arm64) in the context of rule logic that is only concerned with a single architecture (such as objc_library, which registers single-architecture compile actions).


apple_platform apple.single_arch_platform

The platform of the current configuration. This should only be invoked in a context where only a single architecture may be supported; consider multi_arch_platform for other cases.